Acids, bases and salts Worksheet-1

Acids, bases and salts Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Acids change the colour of litmus solution to ________.

  2. Bases change the colour of litmus solution to ________.

  3. Salts ________the colour of litmus solution.

  4. Substances which change colour or odour in acidic or basic medium are called ________.

  5. The colour of methyl orange in acidic and basic medium is ________ and________.

  6. The colour of phenolphthalein in washing soda solution is ________.

  7. The colour of moist litmus paper in calcium sulphate is ________.

  8. H2COis the formula of________.

  9. The colour of universal indicator is ________ in acidic medium.

  10. The point at which indicator shows colour change is called ________.

  11. What is the chemical name of Plaster of Paris?

  12. Which of the following salts have blue colour?

(a) CuSO4.5H2O            (b) CuSO4

  1. The pH of a solution is ________ proportional to the concentration of hydrogen ions in it.

  2. Acidic solutions have ________ of hydrogen ions and ________ hydroxide ions.

  3. The pH of sugar solution will be ________


Answer Key:

  1. Red

  2. Blue

  3. Do not change

  4. Indicators

  5. Red, yellow.

  6. Pink

  7. Red

  8. Carbonic acid

  9. Red

  10. End point

  11. calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate

  12. A

  13. Inversely

  14. Excess, less

  15. 7