Periodic classification of elements Worksheet-1

Periodic classification of elements Worksheet-1


  1. Mendeleef's periodic law is based on-

A. Atomic weight                          B. Atomic number

C. Number of neutrons               D. None of these


  1. The heaviest atom amongst the following is

A. U                     B. Ra                   C. Pb                   D. Hg


  1. Which of the following pairs have both the members from the same period of the periodic table?

A. Na–Ca           B. Na–Cl            C. Ca–Cl            D. Cl–Br


  1. Diagonal relationship is shown by-

A. Elements of first period and Elements of second period

B. Elements of second period and Elements of third period

C. Elements of third period and Elements of fourth period

D. All of these


  1. The element with atomic number 36 belongs to …… block in the periodic table

A. P                     B. S                     C. F                     D. D


  1. Which of the following show diagonal relationship?

A. B and Si        B. B and Al        C. B and Ga       D. B and C


  1. Dobereiner traid is

A. Na, K, Rb                                   B. Mg, S, As

C. Cl, Br, l                                       D. P, S, As


  1. The last member in each period of the periodic table is____.

A. A noble gas element                B. A transition element

C. A halogen                                  D. An alkali metal


  1. Which one of the following combination represents a metallic element

A. 2, 8, 7            B. 2, 8, 8            C. 2, 8, 4            D. 2, 8, 2


  1. The long form of periodic table is based on____.

A. Electronic configuration of the atom

B. Atomic weight of the atom

C. Physical property of an element

D. Electronegativity


Answer Key:

  1. A

Explanation: Fact

  1. A

Explanation: U > Ra > Pb > Hg Out of the given atoms Uranium atom is the heaviest.

  1. B

Explanation: Na – Cl. Both belong to III period.

  1. B

Explanation: Elements of second and third period

Diagonal relationship

  1. A

Explanation: Kr has atomic no. 36 which is a noble gas and all noble gases belongs to p-block.

  1. A


  1. C

Explanation: According to Dobernier’s law of triads the atomic mass of the central element was nearly the arithmetic mean of atomic masses of other two elements.

  1. A

Explanation: Fact

  1. D

Explanation: 2,8,2. ∵ The atom will loose electrons easily.

  1. A