Control and coordination Worksheet-4

Control and coordination Worksheet-4


Fill in blanks:

  1. The _____ nerves connect all the parts in the head directly to brain.


  1. The spinal nerves connect all the remaining parts of the body to the _____.


  1. The _____ nerves connect the internal organs of the body to spinal cord.


  1. _____ is the structural and functional unit of the nervous system


  1. The longest fibre on the cell body of a neuron is called _____.


  1. The messages which the neurons transmit in the nervous system are in the form of electrical impulses called _____.


  1. The axon passes the impulses (or messages) to another neuron through a junction called _____.


  1. _____ neurons occur in the central nervous system.


  1. The brain is surrounded by three membranes called _____.


  1. The space between the membranes (or meninges) is filled with a  _____.


  1. The_____ is the main thinking part of the brain


  1. All the voluntary actions of the body are coordinated by the _____.


  1. The functions of the parts of the hind brain pons take part in regulating _____.


  1. The _____ helps in maintaining posture and balance of the body.


  1. _____ is enclosed in a body case called vertebral column.


  1. _____ pairs of nerves arise from the spinal cord of Human.


  1. _____ glands are the glands having ducts.


  1. A structure (group of cells or tissue) which makes hormones in the body is called an _____.


  1. _____ have both exocrine and endocrine functions


  1. Pancreas secrets the hormone _____.



  1. Cranial
  2. Spinal cord
  3. visceral
  4. Neuron
  5. Axon
  6. Nerve  impulses
  7. Synapse
  8. Relay
  9. Meninges
  10. cerebro spinal fluid
  11. cerebrum or forebrain
  12. Cerebrum
  13. Respiration
  14. Cerebellum
  15. Spinal Cord
  16. 31
  17. Exocrine
  18. endocrine gland
  19. pancreas, tests and ovary
  20. Insulin