Metals and non metals Worksheet-15

Metals and non metals Worksheet-15



  1. Copper reacts with water forming copper hydroxide and Hydrogen.

  2. Lead does not react with water or even steam.

  3. Gold displaces hydrogen from dilute acids.

  4. Sodium metal cannot displace hydrogen from dilute acids.

  5. Metals react with nitric acid releasing Hydrogen gas.

  6. Copper is more reactive than Aluminium .

  7. NaCl + Copper metal shows a displacement reaction forming CuCl2 + Na(s)

  8. CuSO4(aq) + Fe(s) shows displacement reaction forming FeSO4(aq) + Cu(s)

  9. MgO + Zn shows displacement Ex. Reaction forming ZnO + Mg(s)

  10. Given reaction is true & False. Hg(l) + 2HCl → HgCl2 + H2(g)

  11. CaCl2 + Zn → ZnCl2 + Ca

  12. SnCl2 + Fe → FeCl2 + Sn

  13. The least reactive metal is copper.

  14. Conc. Nitric acid is a very strong acid. It can dissolve gold also.

  15. Aluminium is more reactive than zinc.

  16. Aluminium reacts with water forming aluminium hydroxide and H2(g).

  17. Potassium reacts vigorously with cold water forming potassium hydroxide and Hydrogen gas.

  18. Silver reacts with acids releasing Hydrogen gas.

  19. In sodium hydride hydrogen is present in the form of negative ion (H).

  20. In FeH­3 hydrogen is present in the form of H ion i.e –ve ion.


Answer key:

  1. False: Copper is less reactive metal and do not react with water or even steam.

  2. True

  3. False: Gold is below hydrogen in the reactivity series.

  4. False: Sodium metal lies above hydrogen in the reactivity series so it reacts violently with dilute acids. 2Na(s) + 2HCl(aq) → 2NaCl(aq) + H2(g) + Heat

  5. False: Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent, so as soon as hydrogen gas is formed it gets oxidized to water and nitric acid is reduced to N2O, NO, NO2 depending on the concentration of nitric acid.

  6. False

  7. False: Cu Metal is less reactive than Na(s) So it cannot displace sodium from its salt solution. reaction.

  8. True

  9. False: Zn is less reactive than Mg.

  10. False: Mercury lies below hydrogen in the metal reactivity series so cannot release hydrogen gas from acids.

  11. False: Zinc less reactive than calcium cannot show displacement reaction with CaCl2

  12. True: Fe more reactive than tin (Sn) shows displacement reaction.

  13. False: It is Gold.

  14. False

  15. True

  16. False

  17. True

  18. False: Silver is placed below Hydrogen in the metal reactivity series.

  19. True

  20. False: Ferric hydride is not formed.