Metals and non metals Worksheet-11

Metals and non metals Worksheet-11


One Words Questions:

  1. Which of the two metals is more reactive Copper or Silver?

  2. What will be the product formed when copper sulphate reacts with zinc?

  3. Name a metal which cannot displace Hydrogen from acids.

  4. What are the products formed when silver metal rod is placed in copper sulphate solution?

  5. In a solution of silver nitrate a copper plate dipped. After some time silver from the solution was deposited on copper plate. Which metal is more reactive silver or copper.

  6. The name of Al2O3.2H2O is

  7. The name of ZnCO3 is

  8. The name of Fe2O3 is

  9. The name of Cu2O is

  10. The name of HgS is

  11. The name of ZnS is

  12. The name of AgCl is

  13. The name of CuFe2 is

  14. The name of CuCO3.Cu(OH)2 is

  15. The name of MgCO3.CaCO3 is

  16. The impurities like sand, rocky, material present in the ore is called-

  17. Name a metal which is highly resistant to corrosion.

  18. Which method is used for concentrating Bauxite?

  19. Calamine is oxidised by

  20. During electrolytic reduction metal is obtained at


Answer key:

  1. Copper

  2. Zinc Sulphate, Copper(s)

  3. Copper/Mercury/Silver/Gold

  4. No reaction.

  5. Copper

  6. Bauxite

  7. Calamine

  8. Haematite

  9. Cuprite

  10. Cinnabar

  11. Zinc blende

  12. Horn silver

  13. Copper pyrites

  14. Malachite

  15. Dolomite

  16. Gangue

  17. Aluminium/silver/gold

  18. Gravity Separation

  19. Calcination

  20. Cathode