Clocks and Calendar Worksheet-2

Read the question carefully and choose the correct option.


(11)   A movie started at 3 O' Clock and finished at 4 O' Clock. How long was the movie?

          A. 3 hours          B. 4 hours          C. 1 hour             D. 2 hours


(12)  What date is the second Tuesday of November?

Clocks and Calendar

          A. 8th                   B. 15th                  C. 7th                   D.  9th


(13)  Megha started her homework at 6:00 and finished it in 30 minutes. What time did she finish her homework?

          A. 7:30                B. 6:45                C. 7:15                 D. 6:30


(14)  What date is the first Monday of November?

Clocks and Calendar

          A. 1st                     B. 15th                  C. 6th                   D. 7th


(15)  Rahul woke up at 7 o'clock. He took 20 minutes to get ready and 10 minutes to walk to the school. What time did he reach the school?

          A. 7:20                B. 7:40                C. 7:30                D. 8:00


(16)  What is the day on January 12th?

Clocks and Calendar

          A. Monday         B. Tuesday        C. Wednesday D. Thursday


(17)  50 minutes + 10 minutes =?

          A. two hours     B. 60 hours       C. 60 seconds   D. one hour


(18)  What is the day on April 4th?

Clocks and Calendar

          A. Sunday          B. Monday         C. Tuesday        D. Wednesday


(19)  Following are the results of a race.

          Jay: 55 min

          Mehul: 50 min

          Ali: 45 min

          Akash: 48 min

          Who is the winner of the race?

          A. Jay                  B. Mehul            C. Ali                   D. Akash


(20) The clock is showing the current time. What was the time 2 hours before?

Clocks and Calendar

          A. 12 O'Clock    B. 6 O'Clock      C. 2 O'Clock      D. 10 O'Clock



(11)-C; (12)-A; (13)-D; (14)-D; (15)-C; (16)-C; (17)-D; (18)-B; (19)-C; (20)-B