Uses of plants Worksheet-9

Uses of plants Worksheet-9


  1. True or false:

a.       We get paper and wood from bamboo plant.

b.      Some insects live on plants.

c.       Cotton is a fibre which is used to make clothes.

d.      Plants give us gum.

e.       Coconut oil is used for oiling our hair.

f.       Gum is used to make tyre.

g.       Plants give us fibres.

h.      Olive oil is used for oiling our hair.

i.        Plastic is used to make glue.

j.        Plants are used to make shampoos.

k.       Plants are used to make soaps.


Match the following:

  1. Match the vegetables with the part of the plant.


  1. Match the figures with the correct name of the part of plant.


Miscellaneous questions:

  1. Write the name of fruits and vegetables that you see in the garden.

(A)     A _ _ _ E    

(B)     _ _ N _ O

(C)     P _ _ P _ _ N

(D)     T O _ _ _ O

(E)     _ _ _ N _ _ L

(F)     G _ _ _ E

(G)     G _ _ _ A


Answer Key:

  1. a. True

b. True

c. True

d. True

e. True

f. False

g. True

h. True

i. False

j. True

k. True

  1. a. 1-f

b. 2-e

c. 3-a

d. 4-c

e. 5-b

f. 6-d

  1. a. 1-e

b. 2-a

c. 3-d

d. 4-b

e. 5-f

f. 6-c

  1. (A) Apple

(B) Mango

(C) Pumpkin

(D) Tomato

(E) Brinjal

(F) Grape

(G) Guava