Soil Worksheet-5

Soil Worksheet-5


Multiple choice questions: (with more than one correct option)

  1. Which of the following is provided by the soil to the plants?

A. water             B. minerals       C. Sunlight


  1. Because of _____, the huge rocks on the Earth started breaking.

A. Rain                                            B. Wind

C. Heat of the sun                         D. Building house

E. Industries                                  F. Factories


  1. ______ get mix with the tiny rock pieces to form soil.

A. Dead plants                              B. Dead animals

C. Living plants                             D. Living animals


  1. Which of the following things does soil contains?

A. Water            B. Air                  C. Light              D. Bubbles


  1. Tick the different kinds of soil.

A. Red                                             B. Black

C. Light brown                              D. Dark brown

E. White                                         F. Blue


  1. The layer at the bottom of soil consists of:

A. stones            B. pebbles          C. Humus          D. Mud


  1. Tick the different layer/s of soil.

A. Humus                                       B. Fine sand

C. Clay                                            D. Muddy water

E. Plants                                         F. Animals


  1. Humus helps to ____ for the soil.

A. Hold water                                B. Provide nutrients

C. Gives energy                    D. Provides sunlight


  1. Tick some animals that live in soil.

A. Earthworms                             B. Beetles

C. Ants                                            D. Snails

E. Lion                                            F. Cow


Answer Key:

  1. A,B
  2. A,B,C
  3. A,B
  4. A,B
  5. A,B,C,D
  6. A,B
  7. A,B,C,D
  8. A,B
  9. A,B,C,D