Nouns & Parts of Speech-Workbook

This workbook contains worksheet on English Grammar - Nouns & Parts of Speech for Grade-3 Olympiad students. There are 4 worksheets with 40+ questions.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions…

Singular - Plural Nouns Worksheet-4


  1. Shelf

A. shelfs             B. shelf               C. shelfies          D. shelves


  1. Ski

A. skis                 B. skies               C. ski                   D. skiis

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  1. I have heard many ____ about her camping trips.

A. storys             B. stories            C. story's            D. stories


  1. The ____ are singing and dancing.

A. woman          B. women          C. womans        D. womens


Answer Keys

1. D; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B