Tenses Mixed Review Worksheet-16

Tenses Mixed Review Worksheet-16


Use the correct perfect tense form:

  1. My friends ____ their tickets before we did.

A. Will have booked                     B. Has booked

C. Have booked                             D. Had booked


  1. The architect ____ the plans for the new society by next month.

A. Has drawn                                B. Have drawn

C. Had drawn                                D. Will have drawn


  1. Don’t worry! I ____ the poem by tomorrow morning.

A. Will have memorized             B. Has memorised

C. Have memorized                     D. Had memorised


  1. The maid ____ the utensils before everyone had lunch.

A. Will have washed                    B. Have washed

C. Had washed                              D. Has washed


  1. The horse ____ before the stable door was shut.

A. Have bolted                              B. Has bolted

C. Will have bolted                       D. Had bolted


  1. The culprit ____ before the police arrived.

A. Had escaped                             B. Have escaped

C. Will have escaped                   D. Has escaped


  1. The company ____ all the books by the 10th of next month.

A. Has delivered                           B. Will have delivered

C. Had delivered                           D. Have delivered


  1. Sunil and his brother ____ this question to their mother many times.

A. Had asked                                 B. Has asked

C. Will have asked                        D. Have asked


  1. Sunil ____ to include his English text book when he packed his bag.

A. Had forgotten                           B. Have forgotten

C. Has forgotten                           D. Will have forgotten


  1. Jack ____ the plants before the gardener came.

A. Have watered                           B. Had watered

C. Will have watered                   D. Has watered


Answer Key:

  1. D

Explanation: ‘Did’ suggests past tense.

  1. D

Explanation: ‘By next month’ suggests future tense.

  1. A

Explanation: ‘Tomorrow morning’ suggests future tense.

  1. C

Explanation: ‘Had’ suggests past tense.

  1. D

Explanation: ‘Was shut’ suggests past tense.

  1. A

Explanation: ‘Arrived’ suggests past tense.

  1. B

Explanation: ‘Next month’ suggests future tense.

  1. D

Explanation: ‘Non-specific time’ suggests present tense and 'Sunil…brother' is a plural subject.

  1. A

Explanation: ‘Packed’ suggests past tense.

  1. B

Explanation: ‘Came’ suggests past tense.