English & Logics Worksheet-5

English & Logics Worksheet-5


  1. Tarun ______ the bus to work.

A. flies                B. moves            C. rides               D. leaves


  1. Jay ______ the pizza in the _____.

A. prepared ... freezer                 B. cooked ... oven

C. froze ... refrigerator                D. cooled ... microwave


  1. To stop the spread of harmful germs, Arya always ___ her ______ after she visits the restroom.

A. brushes … hair                         B. washes … hands

C. cleans … shirt                           D. ties … shoes


  1. Amish spoke clearly, was honest and on time for the ____. As a result, she got the job.

A. date                B. party              C. interview       D. appointment


  1. Babies usually learn to ___ before they ___.

A. drive ... play                              B. eat ... run

C. sing ... talk                                D. crawl ... walk


  1. The island is surrounded by ___.

A. land                B. air                   C. mountains    D. water


  1. When Marty started ______ more, his ______improved.

A. studying ... grades                   B. dressing ... clothes

C. talking ... hearing                    D. eating ... health


  1. Roshesh and I are ___to Italy next week.

A. talking           B. dancing         C. traveling       D. listening


  1. Be careful. The coffee is ___!

A. hot                  B. good               C. brown            D. strong


  1. My brother’s daughter is my ______.

A. stepdaughter                            B. sister

C. niece                                           D. wife


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-B; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-D; (6)-D; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-A; (10)-C