Adaptations-How Plants Survive Worksheet-15

Adaptations-How Plants Survive Worksheet-15


True or False

  1. Babool tree grows in desert.

  2. Cactus grows in desert.

  3. Cottonweed tree grows in desert.

  4. Keekar tree grows in desert.

  5. Date palm grows in desert.

  6. Saltgrass grows in desert.

  7. Desert plants do not have any leaves.

  8. Photosynthesis is carried out by the green stems in desert plants.

  9. Most desert plants have thorns.

  10. Desert plants store water in the stems, which become fleshy.



  1. True

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True

  5. True

  6. True

  7. True

  8. True

  9. True

  10. True