Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-20

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-20


True / False

  1. On cold winter mornings, the droplets of water seen on the grass and leaves is called fog.

  2. Boiling is the simplest way to purify water.

  3. Boiling the water for at least 10 minutes kills the germs in it.

  4. Boiled water should be stored in clean and covered pots or bottles.

  5. Sedimentation is the method of purifying water.

  6. Decantation is the method of purifying water.

  7. The process in which the insoluble impurities settle down is called sedimentation.

  8. The process in which the water is gently poured after sedimentation is called decantation.

  9. Decanted water have a lot of impurities than filtered water.

  10. Filtration is a better process than decantation to purify water.



  1. False

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True

  5. True

  6. True

  7. True

  8. True

  9. True

  10. True