Adaptations-How Animals Survive Worksheet-9

Adaptations-How Animals Survive Worksheet-9


Fill in the Blank

  1. Mass movement of birds from a colder to a warmer place is called _____.

  2. Animals that spend most of their time on trees are called _____ animals.

  3. The reduced activity of some animals in winter is called _______.

  4. Those animals that can change their body temperature are called ____ blooded animals.

  5. The process of developing certain features in order to adjust to the changes in the environment is called _____.

  6. Animals that do not have a backbone are called _____.

  7. Animals that have a backbone are called _______.

  8. The mass movement of birds in search of food and warmth is called _____.

  9. The property of animals which change their body colour according to their surroundings is known as _____.



(11)   migration

(12)  arboreal

(13)  hibernation

(14)  cold

(15)  adaptation

(16)  invertebrate

(17)  vertebrate

(18)  migration

(19)  camouflaging