Interactive quizzes & worksheets on the complete course of grammar for grade-4 olympiad english .
Total Questions : 400+
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-18


  1. I felt ______ and unable to protect the sick dog.

A. helped           B. helplessly      C. helping          D. helpless


  1. I want a ______scoop of icecream.

A. double           B. duoble           C. duble             D. doubble

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  1. Find the synonym of the given word : Conclusion

A. Beginning                                  B. Concentration

C. Drop                                           D. End


  1. What kind of sentence is this?

I wish I had eight legs like octopus so that I could do many tasks together.

A. Fact                B. Fantasy         C. Opinion         D. Analysis


  1. Identify the emotions of the character!

Arun's face was red and he was furious. He shouted, Why don't you try to understand?

A. Angry             B. Happy           C. Sad                 D. Disappointed


  1. Fill in the blank with a correct homophone.

I saw a shark under the _____.

A. see                  B. so                    C. sie                   D. sea

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  1. Choose the CORRECT homonym for the given clue.

One hundredth of a dollar.

A. Cent               B. Sent                C. Scent              D. Shant


  1. ______, the bus arrived five minutes late that day.

A. Lucked          B. Lucks             C. Lucky             D. Luckily


  1. Somesh was not ______ with the working environment.

A. comforting                                B. comfortable

C. comforted                                 D. comfortably


  1. Naman could not hide his ______ when I told him the good news.

A. excited           B. excites           C. exciting         D. excitement


Answer Keys:

(1)–D; (2)–A; (3)–D; (4)–B; (5)–A; (6)–D; (7)–A; (8)–D; (9)–B; (10)–D