Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-5

Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-5


  1. He put a damp towel on my head.

A. put                  B. towel              C. damp             D. head


  1. Which sentence contains an adverb?

A. I went to the gym.

B. They opened a new gym in our community.

C. I hardly go to the gym.

D. All of the above


  1. Identify the part of speech of the underlined word.

Thousands of visitors come to the park everyday.

A. Adverb          B. Pronoun        C. Adjective       D. Verb


  1. I am _____ finished with the survey.

A. nearly            B. nearness       C. nearer            D. nearest


  1. Bikram speaks _____ than Ayan does.

A. quicklier       B. quickliest      C. quick              D. more quickly


  1. Daya _____ understood the concept than Suhana did.

A. more easily   B. easilier          C. most easily   D. easily


  1. Indicate whether the underlined word is an adverb of manner, time, or place.

They have recently moved to Canada.

A. manner         B. time               C. place              D. number


  1. Jasmine picked the baby up in her arms carefully.

A. adjective       B. noun              C. verb                D. adverb


  1. Find the superlative form of the adjective clean.

A. clean              B. cleanest         C. cleaniest        D. cleaner


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT form of adjective.

My cold this morning is even ______ than yesterday.

A. bad                 B. most bad       C. worst             D. worse


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-A; (5)-D; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-D; (9)-B; (10)-D