English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-24

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-24


  1. Choose a CORRECT word to make the following a compound word.

Week +

A. ing                  B. end                 C. ness                D. step


  1. Find the Adjective in the following sentence.

The sick man was walking towards the hall.

A. Hall                B. Sick                C. Walking        D. Was


  1. Identify the possessive noun in the following sentence.

"Mom cleaned Mollys room."

A. mom              B. room              C. "Mollys"        D. cleaned


  1. Replace the words given in the bracket with the correct pronoun.

Mom dropped (Kavi and Ravi) to the music class.

A. them              B. her                  C. their               D. you


  1. Replace the noun in bracket with a CORRECT object pronoun.

Is she going to the circus with (Hari)?

A. he                   B. you                 C. him                D. himself


  1. Select the linking verb.

A. sound             B. seem              C. taste               D. all of these


  1. When I _____ finished with my math homework, I want to go out with Asim.

A. were               B. are                  C. am                  D. is


  1. Which sentence is an example of present perfect continuous?

A. I am waiting for you.

B. I will wait for you.

C. I have been waiting for one hour.

D. I waited there for one hour.


  1. Which sentence is an example of simple future tense?

A. You helped me paint my room.

B. Will you help me paint my room?

C. You are helping me paint my room.

D. "Why dont you help me paint my room?"


  1. The scientists had ______ a cure for that disease.

A. discover        B. discovering   C. discovers       D. discovered


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-B; (3)-C; (4)-A; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-C; (9)-B; (10)-D