Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-1

addition and subtraction word problems grade 5

Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-1


  1. Number of visitors to the National Park are:

Week 1 - 2,489

Week 2 - 3,210

Week 3 - 2,795

What is the total number of visitors to the Park in all the three weeks?

A. 8,494             B. 9,004             C. 8,474             D. 8,495


  1. Tina has 1,200 more shells than Monika does. If Monika has 1,550 shells, how many shells does Tina have?

A. 350                 B. 2,900             C. 2,850             D. 2,750


  1. Prize money of Rs.7,800 was divided between Anup, Tom and Kiran. If Anup got Rs.2,500 and Tom got Rs.2,000, how much money did Kiran get?

A. Rs.3,000      B. Rs.3,500       C. Rs.2,900       D. Rs.3,300


  1. A charity had to collect Rs.5,000 within 3 days. On 1st day charity collected Rs.1,600 while on 2nd day charity collected Rs.1,500. How much more money charity needs to collect to reach its target?

A. Rs.1,900       B. Rs.2,000      C. Rs.2,100       D. Rs.1,800


  1. The distance between Toronto and London is 5,571 kms while the distance between Toronto and Cairo is 9,012 kms. How much extra will you have to travel to go to Cairo from Toronto compared to going to London from Toronto?

A. 3,451 kms     B. 3,441 kms     C. 3,461 kms     D. 3,431 kms


  1. A builder bought 3,000 kgs of sand. The sand consumption was 1,425 kgs in 1st week and 1,200 kgs in 2nd week. How much sand is left after 2nd week?

A. 375 kgs          B. 300 kgs         C. 325 kgs          D. 395 kgs


  1. An electrician buys 500 m of wire. He uses 82 m in 1st week and 76 m in 2nd week. How much wire is left with the electrician after 2nd week?

A. 324 m           B. 418 m            C. 342 m            D. 424 m


  1. A race driver raced 642 kms on 1st day and 765 kms on 2nd day. How much more distance did the race driver cover on second day?

A. 1,407 kms     B. 123 kms        C. 103 kms        D. 133 kms


  1. The cost of a new computer is Rs.895 and the cost of a new printer is Rs.139. What is the total money paid by a customer to buy both computer & printer?

A. Rs.1,134        B. Rs.1,004       C. Rs.1,034       D. Rs.1,054


  1. There were 945 children in a school. Two hundred fifty-six children went to a picnic on Monday. How many children were left in the school?

A. 699                 B. 680                C. 679                 D. 689


Answer Key:

1. (a); 2. (d); 3. (d); 4. (a); 5. (b); 6. (a); 7. (c); 8. (b); 9. (c); 10. (d)