English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-9

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-9


  1. The guests had ______ left when we arrived .

A. ready             B. all ready        C. theyre            D. already


  1. Find the Correct meaning of the idiom written in the bracket.

I have not decided what kind of car I want to buy. There are so many choices; I cannot (make up my mind).

A. Decide what to do                   B. Decide what not to buy

C. Decide but not tell                   D. Keep quiet


  1. Identify the part of speech of the word in the bracket.

"They didnt seem to like the (spicy) noodles."

A. Verb               B. Pronoun        C. Adjective       D. Noun


  1. Identify the pronoun in the following sentence.

The science teacher handed us two beakers.

A. teacher          B. beakers         C. us                    D. handed


  1. The girl (who) won the competition studied in Japan.

 Identify the noun referred by the pronoun in bracket.

A. competition                               B. Japan

C. girl                                              D. won


  1. The company has decided to give ______ employees a salary raise this year.

A. hers                B. its                   C. theirs             D. yours


  1. Find the action verb in the given sentence.

Anu picked up the box and walked toward her desk.

A. Anu                                             B. box, picked

C. desk                                            D. picked, walked


  1. Fill in the blanks.

I have ______ him before.

A. hear               B. heard             C. hearing          D. hears


  1. How many times did you _______ her?

A. call                 B. calling           C. will call         D. called


  1. Select the correct form of the simple past tense for the irregular verb.


A. Broken          B. Breaked        C. Broked          D. Broke


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-A; (3)-C; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-A; (10)-D