Surface of the moon


•         As we observe the moon with naked eye, we will probably notice that some areas are darker than others.

•         This is because; long ago there were many comets and asteroids, which frequently hit the worlds of our Solar System.

•         Every once in a while, a very large object would crash into the Moon hard enough to break through its surface rock causing lava to ooze out.

Figure 16: Moon

•         The lighter areas on the surface of the moon are where objects have crashed into the surface recently.

•         In photographs of the Moon, we can see large scars called craters.

•         Craters- are deep holes that have been made when solid bodies called meteorites crashed into the moon's surface.

Figure 17: Moon’s craters

•         Lava that flowed from these craters covered the earlier craters and made them look smooth and dark.

•         All this happened billions of years ago.

•         Things have not changed since then because there is no air or water on the moon to cause weathering.