English Comprehension worksheets- Sports


English Comprehension worksheets- Sports for 5th grade

It has been my lifelong dream to play in the middle school softball team. I began playing softball when I was in the second grade. My older brother taught me to play. He is three years older than I am. He practices with me every afternoon and always attends my games with my parents.

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This year, I started sixth grade. The middle school softball team names were announced last month. Every day since the announcement, my brother has helped me prepare for the team. The selection was held last Saturday morning. Twenty-three students from my grade tried out for the team. The team only has spaces for five sixth grade students. I know I worked as hard as I could to prepare for the tryouts. I felt like I had done a good job but felt quite nervous on Saturday night and Sunday morning, waiting for the team list to be posted.

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On Sunday afternoon, my parents took me to the school to see who had made the team. I was so happy when I saw my name in the list. When we left the school, my parents said we should go out for pizza. It would just be a little family celebration in my honor. They called my brother, and he met us at the restaurant. He walked in with a big smile on his face. He was really proud of me. My parents were very proud too, although they warned me about keeping my grades up and making sure I did all my homework every day. They do not need to worry about those things. I’ll work very hard to stay in the team.


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. The girl is in which class?

(A) Seventh         (B) Sixth               (C) eighth            (D) ninth


  1. The first paragraph mainly discusses _________.

(A) eating pizza                                (B) playing softball

(C) doing homework                       (D) finding her name on the list


  1. Which of the following best describes how the girl felt when she saw her name on

(A) nervous         (B) Happy            (C) angry              (D) sad


  1. Which of the following is true?

(A) Her father taught her to play softball.

(B) She has played softball since she was two.

(C) Her older brother taught her to play softball.

(D) Her brother took her to the school to check the team list


  1. The girl learned to play softball ____________.

(A) in the sixth grade                      (B) in the second grade

          (C) in the fifth grade                          (D) at the age of two


  1. The word warned means _________.

(A) to notify in advance                  (B) shouted

(C) celebrated                                  (D) to join a team


  1. The names were announced

(A) last month     (B) this month     (C) this week       (D) last week


  1. The team could have only ________ six grade students.

(A) Six                  (B) Five                (C) Four               (D) Seven


  1. My brother walked in with ____________ on his face.

(A) Anger             (B) Joy                  (C) frown             (D) smile


  1. The brother is now in which class?

(A) Eighth            (B) Tenth             (C) Ninth              (D) Sixth


Answer key

(1)–(B); (2)–(B); (3)–(B); (4)–(C); (5)–(B); (6)–(A); (7)–(A); (8)–(B); (9)–(D); (10)–(C)