Environmental Science Worksheet-9

Environmental Science Worksheet-9


  1. What is the humidity of air?

A. A measurement of how many clouds are in the sky

B. A measurement of how much water vapor is in air

C. A measurement of heat

D. A measurement of water


  1. What are the Decomposers in an ecosystem?

A. Processing machines things that recycle wastes and other remains of process food.

B. Living things that consume organisms.

C. Living things that break down wastes and other remains of organisms.

D. None of the above


  1. The most fertile layer of the soil is _____.

A. Subsoil          B. Bedrock        C. Topsoil          D. Humus


  1. What can cause rock in the Earth's outer layer to break and create fault?

A. Atmospheric pressure            B. Sun's heat

C. Internal pressure                    D. Ocean waves


  1. What element is found in ocean water and not in the fresh water?

A. Chlorine        B. Salt                 C. Oxygen          D. Iron


  1. What helps in decomposing dead plants and animals in soil to make humus?

A. Viruses                                      B. Bacteria and fungi

C. Animals                                     D. Acids


  1. What is the ocean current?

A. Hot water pockets                            

B. Cold water pockets

C. Large stream of water that flows in the ocean.

D. Glacier of ice that floats in the ocean.


  1. _____ is the process when water vapors lose heat energy and change into tiny droplets.

A. Evaporation                             B. Precipitation

C. Condensation                           D. Solidification


  1. What happens when clouds hits cold air?

A. Cold air becomes humid                

B. Water vapor rises as cold vapor

C. Water vapor precipitate as rain or snow

D. Air humidity decreases


  1. What do scientists collect from various weather instruments to predict future weather?

A. Papers           B. Data               C. Files               D. Stories


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(c); 3.-(c); 4.-(c); 5.-(b); 6.-(b); 7.-(c); 8.-(c); 9.-(c); 10.-(b)