Charts & Graphs Worksheet-1

Charts & Graphs Worksheet-1


Observe the given image carefully and answer the Q.1,2,3,4

Charts and graphs worksheets for class 5

Mrs. Baker makes candles and sells them for her living. The given line chart shows how her candle sale changed from January to June in 2004.


  1. How many candles did Mrs. Baker sell in March?

A. 1                      B. 80                   C. 55                   D. 50


  1. How many more candles were sold in May than sold in January?

A. 40                   B. 10                   C. 80                   D. 45


  1. Which two months had the greatest fall in candles sale?

A. Feb-Mar        B. Apr-May       C. May - Jun     D. Jan-Feb


  1. How many candles were sold from January to June?

A. 295                 B. 350                 C. 335                 D. 235


See the Pie Chart to answer the following Q.5,6,7,8

Pie diagram math worksheet grade 5

The pie chart shows how Mr. Dave distributes his monthly income into different household expenses.

  1. What portion of the monthly income does Mr. Dave spend on entertainment?

A. 10%                B. 20%               C. 30%               D. 25%


  1. In which of the following categories does Mr. Dave spend the greatest portion of his income?

A. Grocery                                    B. Entertainment

C. Eating out                                 D. Rent


  1. What fraction of the income does Mr. Dave spend on groceries?

A. 1/4                  B. 1/2                  C. 1/10                D. 3/4


  1. If Mr. Dave earns Rs. 2,0000 per month, how much does he spend on groceries?

A. Rs.1,0000     B. Rs.2500         C. Rs.5000         D. Rs.7000


  1. Which of the following graphs would you choose to show the increase in gas prices in a country over 3 years?

A. Bar graph                                 B. Pictograph

C. Circle graph                              D. Line graph


  1. Which graph would you choose to show the percentage of various nutrients in a food item?

A. Bar Chart                                  B. Circle/Pie Chart

C. Line Chart                                D. Stem and Leaf plot


Answer Key:

1. (d); 2. (a); 3. (c); 4. (c); 5. (b); 6. (d); 7. (a); 8. (c); 9. (d); 10. (b)