Amazing Animals Worksheet-3

Amazing Animals Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Forest is a habitat of which of the following animal/s?

(A)         (B)          (C)


  1. Thar desert is also known as:

      (A) The Great Indian Desert

      (B) The Great Asian Desert

      (C) The Great Rann of Kutch


  1. Birds fly with the help of their:

      (A) Scales                    (B) Fur                         (C) Wings


  1. Why do reptiles have horny scales?

      (A) To prevent water loss from their bodies

      (B) To make their body movement easy

      (C) None of these


  1. Which of the following animal breathe through their lungs as well as skin?

      (A) Leeches                 (B) Earthworms        (C) Frogs


  1. I am a rodent. My body is covered with sharp spines that protect me from the predators (enemies). Who am I?

      (A) Squirrel                 (B) Porcupine             (C) Beaver


  1. Based on their feeding habits, animals can be classified into  _____ categories.

      (A) Three                     (B) Five                        (C) Four


  1. _______ helps frog in swimming.

      (A) Short feet              (B) Stout feet              (C) Webbed feet


  1. Which of the following is not present in the birds?

      (A) Wings                    (B) Teeth                     (C) Beaks


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Mark the animal/s that live/s in burrow.

      (A) Snake                    (B) Lion                       (C) Camel

      (D) Earthworm         (E) Rabbit


  1. Mark the herbivorous animal/s.

      (A) Lion                       (B) Rabbit                   (C) Giraffe

      (D) Deer                      (E) Crow


Answer Key:

(1)-(B); (2)-(A); (3)-(C); (4)-(A); (5)-(C); (6)-(B); (7)-(A); (8)-(C); (9)-(B); (10)-(A,D,E); (11)-(B,C,D)