Four distinct layers of earth


Figure 1: Layers of Earth


The Earth’s Crust:

  1. The first layer consists of about 10 miles of rock and loose materials.

Figure 2: Earth’s crust

  1. What we see as soil and mountains is the only surface of the Earth; which is also called as the crust.


The Earth’s Mantle:

  1. Travelling beyond the Earth’s crust; we can see the Earth’s mantle.

Figure 3: Earth’s mantle

  1. The mantle extends to a depth of approximately 1800 miles and is made up of a thick solid rocky substance.


The Earth’s Core:

•      There are two cores of Earth.


The Earth’s Outer Core:

  1. Travelling still deeper within the Earth; the outer core extends to a depth of around 3000 miles beneath the surface.

Figure 4: Earth’s Outer Core

  1. The outer core is made up of superheated lava.


The Earth’s Inner Core:

  1. The inner core extends upto 900 miles inward towards the center of the Earth.

Figure 5: Earth’s Inner Core

  1. The inner core is a solid ball of mostly iron and nickel.