Sir Alexander Fleming - Comprehension Worksheet

Sir Alexander Fleming - Comprehension Worksheet

          Sir Alexander Fleming is known to the world as FLEMING. He belonged to Scotland and emerged out as a world famous Bacteriologist. He discovered Penicillin, the wonder life saving drug.

          Fleming was born in the south of Scotland on the 6th August 1901. He lost his father when he was too young and therefore struggled a lot of his life.

          Fleming was a brilliant student in St. Mary’s Medical School where he started studying medicine. After graduation in medicine, he joined Almroth Wright, a teacher of Bacteriology, to undertake medical research.

          Fleming was never a bookworm. He was a person with innumerable activities other than his medical curricula. He was a good swimmer and a polo player.

          His work on penicillin won him the Noble Prize Award in 1945. He became the director of Fleming Institute in 1949.

          His discovery of penicillin is put into practice even today as a vaccine for diphtheria, pneumonia and other such diseases caused by bacteria.

          Hard words in the passage with their meanings

          Emerged                               became known

          Bacteriologist                      Scientist who studies about bacteria

          Graduation                           completion of a course of academic study

          Innumerable                        numerous, countless


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. What was Sir Fleming’s biggest achievement?

(A) Discovery of Penicillin

(B) Being the director of an institute

(C) Playing polo

(D) Being a world class swimmer


  1. List two other activities that Fleming enjoyed

(A) Writing and reading poetry

(B) Music and dance

(C) Swimming and polo

(D) Drawing and painting


  1. Fleming was always interested in studying about

(A) Reptiles       (B) Germs         (C) Bacteria      (D) Viruses


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. Sir Alexander Fleming was

(A) not a bookworm

(B) a brilliant student

(C) founder of the wonder drug

(D) a brilliant speaker


  1. The drug penicillin protects us from illnesses like

(A) diphtheria  (B) polio             (C) malaria       (D) pneumonia


  1. Two things true about Fleming are

(A) He was a world famous bacteriologist

(B) He was taught medicine by his father

(C) He won the Noble Prize for discovering a vaccine

(D) He was the director of Penicillin Institute


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Fleming discovered a vaccine called _____.


  1. One who studies about bacteria is _____.


  1. Fleming’s teacher of bacteriology was ____.


  1. He also worked as a director in the year _____.


  1. In the year 1945, he won the _____.



  1. The wonder drug was called bacteriologist.


  1. Fleming was born in south England.


  1. Fleming was good at playing football.


  1. He won a Noble Prize for discovering a vaccine.


  1. A vaccine stops the growth of bacteria.


Answer key:

  1. (A)

  2. (C)

  3. (C)

  4. (A,B,C)

  5. (A,D)

  6. (A,C)

  7. Penicillin

  8. Bacteriologist

  9. Almroth Wright

  10. 1949

  11. noble prize

  12. False

  13. False

  14. False

  15. True

  16. True