Vocabulary Worksheet-2

Vocabulary Worksheet-2


  1. ______ people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the last few years.

A. several                                        B. severial

C. several                                       D. none of these


  1. That drink is made with all _____ ingredients.

A. natural                                       B. natureal

C. natural                                       D. none of these


  1. The lady selling flowers on her cart is called a ____ pusher.

A. peddle                                        B. peddal

C. pedal                                          D. none of these


  1. How many _____ are in your family?

A. people                                        B. poeple

C. peopal                                        D. none of these


  1. The jury found the defendant "not guilty" because they were convinced that the charges against her were _____.

A. incomprehensible                   B. encompass

C. groundless                                D. disinterested


  1. I would love to visit a _____ country.

A. foreign                                       B. forein

C. foreign                                       D. none of these


  1. Can you give me an ______?

A. example                                     B. exampil

C. example                                     D. none of these


  1. Some synonyms of _____ are neurtal, impartial, unbiased and apathetic.

A. depict                                         B. serene

C. in comprehensible                  D. disinterested


  1. Drinking and driving can be very _____.

A. disastrous                                  B. disasterous

C. disasterus                                  D. none of these


  1. Candy created a ______ to interview her teacher

A. questionnaire                           B. reply

C. information                              D. none of these


Answer Key:

  1. A

  2. A

  3. A

  4. A

  5. C

  6. C

  7. C

  8. D

  9. A

  10. A