Vocabulary Worksheet-14

Vocabulary Worksheet-14


  1. I was determined to buy a raw house. The word determined means...

A. lazy                                             B. settled on an idea 

C. indecisive                                  D. angry


  1. Which of the following words conveys a positive(one that would not be hurtful) impression of someone who is young?

A. childish         B. youthful        C. immature     D. babyish


  1. Snakes are apodal. They slither rather than walk.
    What does apodal mean?

A. having four feet                        B. having two feet

C. having no feet                           D. having two hands


  1. You do not seem to trust me. Why are you skeptical?
    What is the meaning of the word skeptical?

A. sad                 B. happy            C. doubtful        D. trusting


  1. I felt like an alien in my son’s classroom because I was so much taller than the children.

What does alien mean?

A. foreigner       B. poor               C. wealthy         D. unworthy


  1. Your ideas do not make any sense. They are absolutely ludicrous.

What is the meaning of the word ludicrous?

A. calm               B. silly                C. passionate    D. same


  1. This new soft music should do the trick! I must find a way to pacify my fussy baby

What is the meaning of the word pacify?

A. feed                B. love                C. calm               D. stir up


  1. After the harvest, they had an abundant amount of fruits and vegetables. They sold them and earned a lot.

What does abundant probably mean?

A. a shortage     B. not enough   C. very red         D. plentiful


  1. My absent-minded teacher loses his keys, his book and his chalk almost every day!

What does it mean to be absent-minded?

A. be hateful                                  B. not pay attention

C. be intelligent                             D. not like someone


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. B

  3. C

  4. C

  5. A

  6. B

  7. C

  8. D

  9. B