Basics of Physics Worksheet-2

Basics of Physics Worksheet-2


  1. What kind of circuit is shown in the picture?

(a) Series circuit                            (b) Parallel circuit

(c) Simple circuit                          (d) Dual circuit


  1. Which of the following device does not produce electrical energy?

(a) Generator                                  (b) Wet and dry cell

(c) Solar cell                                   (d) Ocean current


  1. Which of the following describes lightning?

(a) It is the discharge of light stored in the clouds

(b) It is the arc produced by the gravity

(c) It is the discharge of static electricity of the clouds through the moist air

(d) It is the discharge of fire of the clouds through the moist air


  1. What is the scientific name for the part of a sound wave where molecules are crowded together?

(a) Reflection                                  (b) Rarefaction

(c) Absorption                               (d) Compression


  1. What kind of heat transfer mechanism is shown in the picture below?

(a) Conduction                               (b) Radiation

(c) Variation                                   (d) Convection


  1. What is the unit for measuring loudness?

(a) Hertz (Hz)                                (b) Volt (V)

(c) Decibel (dB)                             (d) Power (P)


  1. As shown in the above picture, Red, Green and Blue beams of light are falling on a green color paper. What color(s) of light will be absorbed by the green color paper?

(a) Green                                         (b) Red and Blue      

(c) Green and Blue                        (d) All three


  1. Which option shows correct direction of magnetic lines in a bar magnet?






  1. What is the boiling point of water?

(a) 32º Fahrenheit                       (b) 0º Fahrenheit

(c) 100º Fahrenheit                     (d) 100º Centigrade


  1. Any object falling from the sky to the earth is pulled by the earth's gravitational force and resisted by the ______.

(a) electromagnetic forces of the earth

(b) vapors from oceans

(c) frictional force from the air

(d) sun's solar flares


Answer Key:

(1)–(b); (2)–(d); (3)–(c); (4)–(d); (5)–(b); (6)–(c); (7)–(b); (8)–(a); (9)–(d); (10)–(c)