Water Worksheet-3

Water Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. _______ % of earth water is saline water.

(A) 85                   (B) 97                   (C) 90                   (D) 80


  1. Which of the following property of water help animals & plants to survive in deserts where temperature is too high?

(A) It can exist in all three phases          

(B) Specific heat

(C) Density

(D) None of these


  1. _______ is the purest form of natural water.

(A) Rain water                                  (B) River & lake water

(C) Well water                                 (D) None of these


  1. How can saline water be made potable?

(A) By distillation                             (B) By filtration

(C) By boiling                                   (D) By chlorination


  1. Well water can be made potable by:

(A) Filtration

(B) Boiling

(C) Adding potassium permanganate crystals

(D) Distillation


  1. Why sea water can’t be used for irrigation?

(A) High salt concentration in sea water damages the plants

(B) Excreta of aquatic animals dissolved in sea water damages the plants

(C) None of these


  1. From 4°C to  0°C water undergoes:

(A) Expansion                                   (B) Contraction

(C) No change in volume                (D) None of these


  1. Pure water is ______ conductor of electricity.

(A) Poor               (B) Good              (C) None of these


  1. Why the temperature of water does not rise above 100°C even if it is boiled for long time?

(A) Evaporation & condensation take place simultaneously

(B) Heat energy supplied only changes water into vapour

(C) The heat energy supplied is absorbed by vapour

(D) None of these


  1. In hilly areas in cold climate the water pipe lines burst because:

(A) Water contracts on freezing

(B) Water expands on freezing

(C) Latent heat of fusion of ice is very high

(D) None of these


Answer Key:

  1. (B)
  2. (B)
  3. (A)
  4. (A)
  5. (C)
  6. (A)
  7. (A)
  8. (A)
  9. (B)
  10. (B)