Olympiad sample paper for grade 6



Grade 6 science worksheets

(1)                 I thought I would never be able to do it. But I'm ________, I never give up.

(a) furious             (b) stubborn         (c) bewildered      (d) none of these

(2)                 If a pond REFLECTS the trees around it, you can

(a) throw sticks into the water         (b) see the tree in the water

(c) throw away your mirror               (d) think about nature

(3)                 Janki crossed the bridge (carefully).

Identify the part of speech of the word given in the bracket.

(a) adjective         (b) noun                 (c) adverb              (d) verb

(4)                 Given that  X =  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5.................x 11. What will be the remainder if X is divided by 56 ?

                 (a) 1                        (b) 2                        (c) 3                        (d) 0

(5)                 How many numbers are there between 1 to 20 having exactly two distinct factors?

             (a) 5                        (b) 7                        (c) 8                        (d) 9

(6)                 How many 5 digit numbers are there in all?

             (a) 90000              (b) 89999              (c) 10000               (d) none of these

(7)                 Anoop starts walking towards South. After walking 15 metres he turns towards North. After walking 20 metres, he turns towards East and walks 10 metres. He then turns towards South and walks 5 metres. How far is he from his original position and in which direction?

(a) 10 metres, North                            (b) 10 metres, South

(c) 10 metres, West                             (d) 10 metres, East

(8)                 Among five boys, Vasant is taller than Manohar, but not as tall as Raju. Jayant is taller than Dutta, but shorter than Manohar. Who is the tallest in the group?

(a) Raju                                                  (b) Manohar

(c) Vasant                                              (d) Cannot be determined


(10)             Some digit of a number X are missing and the remaining digits of the number is _ _ _ _ 9. What will the unit digit of 3rd power of X?

            (a) 1            (b) 9                (c) 7                      (d) can’t say till we know the remaining digits.

(11)             Which of the following is the smallest part of an element?

(a) Molecule         (b) Atom                 (c) Metal                (d) Compound