Adaptations-How Animals Survive Worksheet-7

Adaptations-How Animals Survive Worksheet-7


Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Mark the invertebrates.

(a) Spider                    (b) Scorpion               (c) Snail

(d) Jellyfish                (e) Elephant               (f) Hippopotamus


  1. Mark the vertebrates.

(a) Cow                        (b) Dog                        (c) Cat

(d) Donkey                  (e) Horse                     (f) Worm


  1. Tick the parts of an insect’s body.

(a) Head                      (b) Thorax                  (c) Abdomen


  1. Mark the type of fishes.

(a) Cod                         (b) Mackerel              (c) Crocodile

(d) Gecko                    (e) Sea lion                  (f) Lion


  1. Mark the amphibians.

(a) Turtle                     (b) Toad                      (c) Frog

(d) Lizard                    (e) Snake                     (f) Donkey


  1. Tick the places where animals live.

(a) In the plains         (b) On trees                (c) In the deserts

(d) On the mountains                                     (e) In water


  1. Mark the animals that posses the property of camouflaging.

(a) Chameleons         (b) Zebra                     (c) Arctic fox

(d) Deer                       (e) Bear


  1. Mark the endangered animals.

(a) Giant panda         (b) Tiger                      (c) Lion

(d) Polar bear            (e) Crocodile


  1. Mark the parts of tiger for which it is killed everyday illegally.

(a) Bones                     (b) Skin                        (c) Nails 

(d) Teeth                     (e) Kidney                   (f) Lungs


Answer Key:

(1) (a, b, c, d)

(2) (a, b, c, d, e)

(3) (a, b, c)

(4) (a, b)

(5) (a, b)

(6) (a, b, c, d, e)

(7) (a, b)

(8) (a, b)

(9) (a, b, c, d)