Air and Water Worksheet-2

Air and Water Worksheet-2


  1. The gas is only about 20 parts out of 100 of air in the atmosphere. It is needed for decomposition of organic matter to take place. This gas is

(a) Carbon dioxide                       (b) Water vapour

(c) Oxygen                                      (d) Nitrogen


  1. Identify the incorrect data



Inhaled air

Exhaled air


















Water vapour

Amount varies

Amount increases


(a) A                    (b) B                             (c) C                    (d) D


  1. Which of the following actions will help in reducing pollution?

(i) Using sewers to remove human waste

(ii) Using unleaded petrol in cars

(iii) Spraying pesticides on plants to kill pests

(iv) Restricting smoking in public to designated areas

(a) (i) & (ii)                                    (b) (iii) & (iv)   

(c) (i), (ii) & (iii)                            (d) (i), (ii) & (iv)


  1. Water that comes from the underground contains a lot of dissolved minerals and is called

(a) Underground water              (b) Spring

(c) Natural water                         (d) Rain water


  1. Air pollution on the road can be reduced by………………..

(a) Reducing the number of vehicles on the road

(b) Widening the roads

(c) Having more traffic lights

(d) Having less traffic lights


  1. Which of the following would help us to reduce the amount of water brought from other countries?

(i) Boiling water after use

(ii) Recycling water

(iii) Obtaining water from the sea

(iv) Building more reservoirs to collect rainwater

(a) (ii) only                                     (b) (i) & (iii) only

(c) (ii) & (iv) only                          (d) (ii), (iii) & (iv)


  1. The water vapour in air is due to

(a) Evaporation of water from oceans, rivers, lakes and streams

(b) It is given out by plants through their leaves

(c) It is given out by animals when their sweat evaporates

(d) All of these.


Answer Key:

(1)–C; (2)–C; (3)–D; (4)–B; (5)–A; (6)–D; (7)–D