Air Can Move Things-Worksheets-1

Air Can Move Things-Worksheets-1


Multiple choice questions:

  1. What is gentle wind called?

A. Storm              B. Breeze              C. Air


  1. Look at the figure carefully. They all need ___ to move.

A. Sun                  B. Air                    C. Moon


  1. At which place a weather cock is fixed?

A. On the ground

B. In the house   

C. On the top of the building


  1. Identify the instrument in the given figure.


A. Weather cock

B. Weighing balance

C. Speedometer


  1. True or false:

a.       Leaves of a tree move in the presence of air.

b.      Windmill can move in the absence of air.

c.       Parachute moves with help of air.

d.      Moving air is called breeze.

e.       Wind brings rainy weather.

f.       Gentle wind is called a storm.

g.       Wind vane tells us the direction of wind.

h.      Fast and strong wind is air.

i.        Wind vane is also called a weather cock.

j.        Storms have no effect on trees.

k.       Storm can blow the things away.

l.        Wind vane is usually fixed on the ground.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Moving air is called ____.
  2. Gentle wind is called ____.
  3. Strong and fast wind is called ____.


Answer Key:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. a. True

b. False

c. True

d. False

e. True

f. False

g. True

h. False

i. True

j. False

k. True

l. False

  1. wind/winds
  2. breeze/breezes
  3. storm/storms