Basics of Algebra Session-1

Basics of Algebra Session-1

Basic concepts and formulas from algebra section have been discussed in the session. Useful for the students who are appearing for bank po, SSC CGL, CAT, CMAT and other competitive exams.

If a + b+ c= 0 then find the value of  ( a2 + b2 + c2)/ ( a2-bc)

A. 0,          B. 1

C. 2,          d. 3


Trick  to solve the problem without paper work :

Take values of a, b, c such that a +b+c= 0 for example you can take 0,1,-1 put the value in the given expression you will get the value. here it is 2.  Whenever you  have to find the value of an algebraic expression and options are numeric values or constants that means for any value of the variable you will get the same answer. You can further verify by taking some different set of value say 1, 2 and -3. you will get the same answer.

Download free practice questions on algebra. Some of them have been discussed in the videos