Amazing Animals Worksheet-4

Amazing Animals Worksheet-4


  1. True/False:

a.    Animals need different conditions to live.

b.    Earthworms live in burrows.   

c.     Snakes live in burrows and forest is its habitat.

d.    Desert animals have thin skin to avoid loss of water through sweating.         

e.    All birds can fly.

f.     The giraffe’s long neck helps them to eat food that is beyond the reach of most herbivores.  

g.    Different types of animals have different feeding habits.  

h.    Fish breathes with the help of special organ called gills.   

i.     Fishes, dolphins, and whales swim with the help of the gills.    


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Identify the animals in the given picture and write “H” for herbivores, “C” for carnivores and “O” for omnivores.

A. ______ B. ______ C. ______ D. ______ E. ______ F. ______ G. ______ H. ______ I. ______ J. ______ K. ______


Fill in the blanks:

  1. A large continuous body of salt water is known as _____. Animals that eat both plants and animals are known as ____ animals.


Answer Key:

(12)  a. True

b. True

c. True

d. False

e. False

f. True

g. True

h. True

i. False

(13)  (A)-H; (B)-C; (C)-O; (D)-C; (E)-O; (F)-H; (G)-H; (I)-O; (J)-C; (K)-H

(14)  ocean/ oceans

(15)  omnivore/ omnivores/ omnivorous