Tissue Worksheet-15

Tissue Worksheet-15


  1. Where are collenchyma located?


  1. Which type of tissue is most abundant in animals?


  1. What is the other name of sclereids?


  1. Define histology.


  1. Name three types of meristematic tissues.


  1. Give one major difference between permanent and meristematic tissues


  1. What is the nature of cell wall in collenchymal cells?


  1. Name four types of cells found in xylem.


  1. Name the dead elements of phloem.


  1. Which epithelium is also called pavement epithelium?


  1. Which type of muscle cells show rhythmic contraction?


  1. Name the tissues which connect muscles with bones.


  1. Which tissue acts as an intermediary?


  1. Give one word for the junction of two neurons.


  1. What are neurons?


  1. What is the function of neurons?


  1. Which part of neuron receives impulse and which part takes it away from neuron?


  1. What are the functions of phloem?


  1. What are the functions of xylem?


  1. Which tissue does transport water and mineral in plants?


  1. Which tissue stores fat?


  1. Name the animal tissue whose cells divide throughout the life.


  1. Which is the hardest tissue in human beings?'


  1. Name the tissue which forms inner lining of blood vessels.


  1. What is ligament?


  1. Give the chemical nature of white fibres.


  1. What is the average life span of RBCs of man?


  1. Name two types of sclerenchyma.


  1. Name the protein found in yellow fibres.


  1. Which mineral is most abundantly found in bones?