Animals & Their Young Ones Worksheet-5

Animals & Their Young Ones Worksheet-5


Fill in the Blanks

  1. The process by which new living beings resembling their parents are produced is called ______.

  2. Various stages of development of a living being from an embryo to a mature adult is called ________.

  3. The process of shedding the old skin in a butterfly is called ______.

  4. Caterpillar stage of a butterfly is called _______.

  5. Complete change of the larva to an adult is called _______.

  6. A frog lays eggs in clusters called _______.

  7. An egg has a thin protective shell called the ______.

  8. A white jelly-like substance present within the egg shell is called the _______.

  9. The yellow inner part of the egg is the _____.

  10. Animals that do not lay eggs and give birth to young babies are called _______.



  1. reproduction

  2. life cycle

  3. moulting

  4. larva

  5. metamorphosis

  6. spawns

  7. egg shell

  8. albumen

  9. yolk

  10. mammals