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English Videos lectures
Extra Miles
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Videos lectures on Quantitative Aptitude Basic & Advanced
Videos lectures  Data Interpretation Basic & advanced
Videos lectures  Data Sufficiency & comparison Basic & Advanced
Videos lectures Reasoning Basic & Advanced
Video lectures Previous Year Paper Solution of Bank PO, IBPS, Clerical, SSC and High level problem solving skills 
Online Testing in QA, DI, DS, Reasoning, English, GK and Current Affairs
e-Books & Practice tests (Downloadable)
– Banking and Financial
– Challenging DI Problems
– Computer Knowledge
– Data Sufficiency
– General Knowledge
– Non-Verbal Reasoning
– Verbal Reasoning
– Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)
– Verbal Ability-English
– Quant Ready Recokner

Bank PO, CSAT, SSC CGL & other competitive exams Video lectures

1.  QA-Basic
3.  Quantitative Aptitude-Advanced
1.   Simplification & Calculations
–     Doubt solving sessions
      Addition and subtraction of Decimals
       Doubt solving-Mis-1
      Addition and subtraction of Fractions
       Quant doubt Solving Session
      Addition and subtraction of Integers
       Doubt solving Session-3
      Calculations Problem Solving Session-1
       QA-Reasoning Doubt Solving Session
      Calculations Problem Solving Session-2
       Doubt solving session-5
      Calculations Problem Solving Session-3
       Quant Doubt solving session-7
      Digital Root Concept
       Quant doubt solving session-9
      Math Calculations-Session-1
       Quant doubt solving session-10
      Math Calculations-Session-2
       Quant doubt solving session-11
      Math Calculations-Session-3
–     SSC-CGL Videos
      Math Calculations-Session-4
       SSC-CGL-2013 Session-1
      Math Calculations-Session-5
       SSC-CGL-2013 session-2
2.    Square and Cube Roots
       SSC-CGL-2013 session-3
       Square and Cube Roots
       SSC-CGL-2013 session-4
       Square root of 5 and 6 digit numbers
3.    Numbers
       SSC-CGL-2014 Session-1
       Calculation of Unit Digit
       SSC-CGL-2014 Session-2
       Comparison of Fractions
       SSC-CGL-2014 Session-3
       Concepts and Formulae
       SSC-Problem Solving Session-1
       Divisibility Test
–     Trigonometric Functions
       Divisor, Dividend, Remainder-Problem Solving
       Trigonometric Functions session-1
       Divisor, Dividend and Remainder-2
       Trigonometric Functions session-2
       Factors and Factorials
       Trigonometric Functions session-3
       Number System-Problem Solving Session-1
       Trigonometry -Advance level session-1
       Number system-SSC-CGL-previous year prob
       Trigonometry -Advance level session-2
       Theory of Numbers
       Trigonometry Advance level session-3
       Types of Numbers-Session-1
       Trigonometry Advance level session-4
       Types of Numbers-Session-2
       Trigonometry doubt solving session-1
4.    HCF & LCM of Numbers
       HCF and LCM-Session-1
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-1
       HCF and LCM-Session-2
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-2
       HCF and LCM-Session-3
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-3
       HCF and LCM-Session-4
5.    Ratio & Proportions
QA-Final Prep-Session-2
       Ratio Proportion and Variations-Session-1
QA Final Prep-Session-3
       Ratio Proportion and Variations-Session-2
QA-Final Prep-Session-4
       Ratio Proportion and Variations-Session-3
QA-Final Prep-Session-5
       Ratio Proportion and Variations-Session-4
QA Final Prep-Session-6
       Ratio Proportion and Variations-Session-5
QA-Final Prep-Session-7
6.    Percentages
Quant practice session-1
Quant practice session-2
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-1
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-2
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-3
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-4
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-5
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank P O-6
7.    Partnership, Profit & Loss
Quantitative comparison question session-1
       Doubt solving-Profit and loss
       Profit and Loss-Session-1
       Profit and Loss-Session-2
       Profit and Loss-Session-3
Speed building session-1
       Profit and Loss-Session-4
       Profit and Loss-Session-5
8.    Allegation and Mixtures
4.  Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning Video Lectures
       Allegation and Mixture-Session-1
       1. Syllogism-Session-1
       Allegation and Mixture-Session-2
       2. Syllogism-Session-2
       Allegation and Mixture-Session-3
       3. Syllogisms-Session-3
       TSD-Mixtures-Allegations doubt solving
       4. Syllogisms Session-4
9.    Simple & Compound Interest
       5. Syllogisms Session-5
       1. Simple and Compound Interest Session-1
       6. Venn Diagrams Session-1
       2. Simple and Compound Interest Session-2
       7. Venn Diagrams Session-2
       3. Simple and Compound Interest Session-3
       8. Venn Diagrams Video lectures
       4. Simple and Compound Interest Session-4
       9. Venn Diagrams Video lectures-session-2
       5. Simple and Compound interest Tricks
       10. Venn diagrams maximum-minimum problems
       6. Doubt solving-Simple & Compound Interest
       11. Binary Numbers-1
       7. Simple & compound interest doubt solving
       12. Binary Numbers-2
10.  Time and Work
       13. Binary Numbers-3
       Pipes and Cisterns Session-1
       14. Coding Decoding-1
       Time and Work Session-1
       15. Coding and Decoding-2
       Time and Work Session-2
       16. Coding and Decoding-3
       Time and Work Session-3
       17. Clocks-1
      Doubts Time and work
       18. Clocks-2
11.  Time and Distance
       19. Cubes Session-1
       Doubt solving, Time-Distance-Work
       20. Cubes Session-2-Advanced
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-1
       21. Cubes Session-3-Practice Session
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-2
       22. Input Output reasoning-1
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-3
       23. Input Output reasoning-2
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-4
       24. Analytical reasoning introduction-1
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-5
       25. Statement and assumption session-1
       Time Speed and Distance-Session-6
       26. Statement and assumption session-2
12.  Volume and Surface Area
       27. Statement and assumption session-3
       3-D Mensuration-Session-1
       28. Statement and assumption session-4
       3-D Mensuration-Session-2
       29. Statement and assumption session-5
       Mensuration- doubt solving
       30. Calendars
       Surface area and volume-Session-1
       31. Data Sufficiency-1
       Surface area and volume-Session-2
       32. Data Sufficiency-2
       Surface area and volume-Session-3
       33. Forcefulness of Arguments Session-1
       Surface area and volume-Session-4
       34. Forcefulness of Arguments Session-2
       Surface area and volume-Session-5
       35. Evaluating Given Courses of Action session-1
       Surface area and volume-Session-6
       36. Evaluating Inferences Session-1
       Surface area and volume-Session-7
       37. Inequalities
13.  Permutation-Combination & Probability
       38. Blood Relations
       Doubt solving -Permutation and combination
       39. Comparison questions
       Permutation and Combination-1
       40. Matrix puzzles
       Permutation and Combination-2
       41. Mirror and Water Images
       Permutation and Combination-3
       42. Problems on Dice
       Permutation and Combination-4
       43. Problems on Dice-Session-2
       Permutation and Combination-5
       44. Relationships
       Permutation and Combination-6
       45. Number Series-session-1
       Permutation and Combination-7
       46. Number Series-session-2
       Permutation and Combination-8
       47. Number Series-session-3
       Permutation and Combination-9
       48. Number Series-session-4
       Permutation and Combination-10
       49. Sitting arrangements video lecture-1
       Permutation and Combination-11
       50. Reasoning problems-Arrangements
       Permutation and Combination-12
       51. Reasoning and Puzzles-1
       Permutation-Combination-Chess board problems
       52. Reasoning and Puzzles-2
       53. Reasoning and Puzzles-3
       54. Reasoning and Puzzles-4
       55. Reasoning and Puzzles-5
       56. Reasoning and puzzles-A
       57. DI-Input-Output-doubt solving session
14.  Averages
       58. DI-Problems-doubt- solving session
       59. SBI-PO-2014-Reasoning problem solving
       Averages Session-2
      Arrangement puzzles-Practice-A
      Arrangement puzzles-Practice-B
      Syllogisms-Possibility cases part-A
15.  Sequence and Series
      Syllogisms-Possibility cases part-B
      Coded inequalities-Tricks-1
      Coded inequalities-Tricks-2
      Coded inequalities-Tricks-3
16.  Geometry Basic and Advanced
     Decision Making session-1
       1. Theorems on triangles quadri & other polygons-1
     Decision Making session-2
       2. Theorems on triangles quadri & other polygons-2
     Cause and Effect Session-1
       3. Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-1
     Sitting arrangement-circle-Facing centre and outward
       4. Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-2
     Analogy session-1
       5. Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-3
     Analogy session-2
       6. Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-4
     Analogy session-3
       7. Area and perimeter of plane figures session-3
       8. Area -Ratio-1
      Arrangement puzzles-1
       9. Problems on Triangles
      Arrangement puzzles-2
       10. Theorems on circles-session-1
      Arrangement puzzles-3
       11. Theorems on circles-session-2
       12. Basic problems on circles session-1
       13. Basic problems on circles session-2
       14. Basic problems on circles session-3
       15. Basic problems on circles session-4
       16. Basic problems on circles session-5
       17. Problems on Circles
       18. Polygon inside polygon
       19. Geometry-Circles-Triangles-2
       20. Geometry Workshop-Triangles-Quadri-1
       21. Geometry Workshop-Trepezium-1
       22. Geometry Workshop-Trepezium-2
       23. Geometry Workshop-5
       24. Geometry Workshop-6
       25. Geometry Workshop-7
5.  Data Interpretation Video Lectures
       26. Geometry workshop-9
       1. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-1
       Geometry practice problems-1
       2. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-2
       Geometry Session-1
       3. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-3
       4. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-4
17.  Algebra
       5. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-5
       1. Basics of Algebra Session-1
       6. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-6
       2. Basics of Algebra Session-2
       7. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-7
       3. Basics of algebra session-3
       8. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-8
       4. Basics of algebra session-4
       9. Data Interpretation video lectures Session-9
       5. Basic of algebra session-5
       10. Approximation techniques-Session-1
       6. Algebra Problem Solving Session-2
       11. Data Interpretation Session-11
       7. Basic Algebra Problem Solving Session-1
       12. Data Interpretation-Tips
18.  Logarithm
       13. Data Analysis-Session-1
       Logarithm Session-1
       14. DI and Approximation problem solving session
       Logarithm Session-2
       15. Data Interpretation advance session-1
       Logarithm Session-3
       16. Data Interpretation advance session-2
19.  Trigonometry
       17. Data Interpretation advance session-3
       Trigonometry Session-1
       18. Data Interpretation doubt solving session-10
       Trigonometry Session-2
       19. Data interpretation practice problems-A
       Trigonometry Session-3
       20. Data Interpretation-IBPS-2013
       Trigonometry Session-4
       21. DI-Doubt solving session-4
20.  Coordinate Geometry
       22. DI-Final Prep-Session-1
       Coordinate geometry advance PS-1
       23. DI-Final Prep-Session-2
       Coordinate geometry advance PS-2
       24. DI-Final Prep-Session-3
       Coordinate geometry Session-1
       25. DI-Problems-Doubt-Solving Session-2
       Coordinate geometry Session-2
       26. SBI-PO 2014 Data interpretation session-1
       Coordinate geometry Session-3
       27. SBI-PO 2014 Data interpretation session-2
21.  Straight Lines
       Digital Root Concept
       Straight line session-1
       DI-Doubt solving session-5
       Straight line session-2
       IBPS 2013-14 Doubts
       Straight line session-3
       Data Interpretation advance session
       Straight line session-4
       Straight line ssesion-5
SBI PO 2015 prelims paper
      SBI PO-2015-DI
      SBI PO-2015-Reasoning


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Practice Tests
Practice Tests
Banking and Financial
Computer Knowledge
English Adjectives
Challenging DI Problems
General Awareness & Current Affairs
English Adverb and Adverb Clauses
Computer Knowledge
Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
English Tenses
Data Sufficiency
Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
English Prepositions
General Knowledge
Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
English Verbal Ability Part 1
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
English Verbal Ability Part 2
Verbal Reasoning
Practice Paper Set-1
English Verbal Ability Part 3
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)
Practice Paper Set-2
English Verbal Ability Part 4
Verbal Ability-English
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-1
English Verbal Ability Part 5
Quant Ready Recokner
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-2
English Verbal Ability Part 6
Quant-Practice Book
English Verbal Ability Part 7
English-Verbal Ability-1
English Verbal Ability Part 8
English-Verbal Ability-2
Computer Knowledge Part 1
English-Verbal Ability-3
Computer Knowledge Part 2
English-Verbal Ability-4
GK Current Affairs Part 1
GK Current Affairs Part 2
English-Adverb & Adverb-Clauses
General Knowledge Part 1
General Knowledge Part 2
Non Verbal Reasoning Part 1
General Knowledge Part-1
Non Verbal Reasoning Part 2
General Knowledge Part-2
Verbal Reasoning Part 1
General Knowledge Part-3
Verbal Reasoning Part 2
General Knowledge Part-4
Practice Paper Set 1
General Knowledge Part-5
Practice Paper Set 2
General Knowledge Part-6
Practice Paper Set 3
General Knowledge Part-7
Practice Paper Set 4
General Knowledge Part-8
Quantitative Aptitude Basic 1
General Knowledge Part-9
Quantitative Aptitude Basic 2
General Knowledge Part-10
Quantitative Aptitude Basic 3
General Knowledge Part-11
Quantitative Aptitude Basic 4
General Knowledge Part-12
General Knowledge Part-3
General Knowledge Part-13
General Knowledge Part-4
General Knowledge Part-14
General Knowledge Part-5
General Knowledge Part-15
General Knowledge Part-6
General Knowledge Part-16
General Knowledge Part-7
General Knowledge Part-17
General Knowledge Part-8
General Knowledge Part-18
General Knowledge Part-9
General Knowledge Part-19
General Knowledge Part-10
General Knowledge Part-11
General Knowledge Part-12
General Knowledge Part-13
General Knowledge Part-14
General Knowledge Part-15
General Knowledge Part-16
General Knowledge Part-17
General Knowledge Part-18
General Knowledge Part-19

Videos For Hindi Medium

Quantitative Aptitude Videos
Reasoning videos
Basic calculation skills Session-1
Analogy session-1
Basic calculation skills Session-2
Analogy session-2
Divisibility rules Session-3
Analogy session-3
Comparison of fractions Session-4
Analogy figure based session-1
Types of numbers-Session-5
Analogy figure based session-2
Theory of Numbers Session-6
Missing numbers Puzzles
Theory of Numbers Session-7
Figure Completion-1
Theory of Numbers Session-8
Figure Completion-2
Session-9-Square roots and cube roots
Blood relations, age problems, Logical reasoning session-1
Session-10-Simplification and calculation-1
Blood relations, age problems, Logical reasoning session-2
Session-11-Simplification and calculation-2
Coded Mathematical operations-1
Session-12-Number System-1
Coded Mathematical operations-2
Session-13-Number System-2
Session-14-Approximation techniques-1
Session-15-Approximation techniques-2
Odd one out-1
Odd one out-2
Odd one out-3
Dictionary order
Session-19-Profit and Loss-1
Letter combination series-1
Session-20-Profit and Loss-2
Letter combination series-2
Session-21-Profit and Loss-3
Relationship Reasoning-1
Session-22-Ratio, proportion and partnership
Relationship Reasoning-2
Session-23-Ratio, proportion and partnership
Relationship Reasoning-3-Alphabet combination
Session-24-Ratio, proportion and partnership-3
Relationship Reasoning-4-Alphabet combination
Session-25 Time and Work-1
Relationship Reasoning-5-Numbers
Session-26 Time and Work-2
Mirror Images and Water images-1
Session-27 Time and Work-3
Mirror Images and Water images-2
Session-28-Time Speed and distance-1
Paper cutting n folding session-1
Session-29-Time Speed and distance-2
Paper cutting n folding session-2
Session-30-Time Speed and distance-3
Venn diagrams-1
Simple and compound interest-1
Venn diagrams-2
Simple and compound interest-2
Simple and compound interest-3
Data interpretation videos
Data interpretation session-1
Data interpretation session-2
Data interpretation session-3
Data interpretation session-4
Data interpretation session-5
Data interpretation session-6
Data interpretation session-7

Medium of communication in English videos : Hindi & English

English Video Lectures-Set-1
English Videos for competitive exams-Set-1
1. is, am, are in present simple
English- workshop-1-Tenses
2. is, am, are in present simple
English- workshop-2-Tenses
3. There is, There are
English workshop-3-verbs
4. Simple Present Tense
English workshop-4-verbs
5. Simple Present Tense
English workshop-5-verbs
6. Present Continuous Tense
Common errors-1 (Subject-Verb agreement)
7. Present Perfect Tense
Sentence Correction session-1
8. Present Perfect Tense
Sentence Correction session-2
9. Present Perfect continuous Tense
Sentence Correction session-3
10. Present Perfect simple Vs, continuous Tense
Sentence Correction session-4
11. Simple past tense
Sentence Correction session-5
12. Simple past tense
Sentence Correction session-6
13. Past continuous Tense
Sentence Correction session-7
14. Past simple-continuous-perfect
Spotting errors session-1
15. Past perfect Tense
Spotting errors session-2
16. Will and Shall
Spotting errors session-3
17. have got, has got
Spotting errors session-4
18. For-Since-Ago
Spotting errors session-5
Spotting errors session-6
English Video Lectures-Set-2
Spotting errors session-7
19. Passive voice
Spotting errors session-8
20. Passive Voice
Sentence improvement session-1
21. Practice 1
Sentence improvement session-2
22. Used to
Sentence improvement session-3
23. may-might, can-could
Sentence improvement session-4
24. Practice-can-could, may-might
Sentence improvement session-5
25. Practice 2
Sentence improvement session-6
26. Question Tags
Sentence improvement session-7
27. Making Questions
Sentence improvement session-8
28. Must, Should, Need, have to
Phrase substitution session-1
29. Must, should, need, have to-practice session
Phrase substitution session-2
30. Must Vs have to had to will have to
Phrase substitution session-3
31. Should ought to would like to
Phrase substitution session-4
32. few little, a few a little
Phrase substitution session-5
33. A lot of, lots of, much, many
34. each, every, either, neither
English Video Lectures-Set-3
35. each, every, either, neither-practice session
Adjectives session-1
36. some any something, anything
Adjectives session-2
37. some any something etc. practice session
Adjectives session-3
38. questions part-1
Adjective practice session-1
39. Parts of speech-introduction
Adjective practice session-2
40. Nouns
Adjective practice session-3
41. pronouns part-1
42. pronouns part-2
English Videos for competitive exams-Set-2
Reported speech session-1
Cloze Tests session-1
Reported speech session-2
Cloze Tests session-2
Reported speech session-3
Cloze Tests session-3
Reported speech session-Practice session-1
Cloze Tests session-4
Reported speech session-Practice session-2
Reported speech session-Practice session-3

Medium of communication in Extra Miles : Hindi & English


Extra Miles

General Science:
1. Structure of Atom
1. The Sun
2. Anions and cations
2. The Solar system and the Planets
3. Metals and Non metals
3. The Earth-Structure
4. Acid, Bases and Salts
4. Rotation and revolution of the Earth
5. Units & Measurements
5. The Earth-Imaginary lines
6. The Moon
Economics :
7. Solar and Lunar Eclipse
1. Introduction to economics
2. Branches of economics
Banking & Finance :
3. Types of economy
1. Capital Markets of India-1
4.Sectors of an economy
2. Capital Markets of India-2
5. National Income-Session-1
3. Equity shares and preference shares
6. National Income-Session-2
4. Debentures
7. Measurement of National Income
5. Stock exchange of India-1
8. Inflation session-1
6. Stock exchange of India-2
9. Effects of Inflation
7. Depository System
10. More inflation related terms
8. Insurance market in India
11. Inflation Control - Monetary policy
9. Mutual Funds
12. Inflation control-Fiscal Policy
10. Banking sector in India
13. Inflation control-other measures
11. Functions of Commercial Banks
12. Financial Institutions in India
Current affairs-April 2015:
13. Financial Institutions for Specific Areas
Current Affairs-March-April 2015-Session-1
14. Non-Banking Financial Company
Current Affairs-March-April 2015-Session-2
15. Financial inclusion and exclusion
Current Affairs-March-April 2015-Session-3
16. Letter of credit
Current Affairs-March-April 2015-Session-4
Sports World March-April-2015-Session-1
Indian Polity:
1. Preamble-Constitution
April May 2015-Session-2
2. Development of Constitution:
April May 2015-Session-3
i. Constitutional Developments
April May 2015-Session-4
ii. Government of India Act
April-May business world-Session-1
iii. Cripps Mission and Cabinet mission
April-May business world-Session-2
iv. Indian Independence Act
April-May-International events-Session-1
3. Framing of constitution
vyapam scam
4. Schedules and important articles
5. Salient features of constitution
6. Fundamental rights and duties
7. Directive principles and adult franchise
Important naval vessel
8. Citizenship
Important operations by Indian government
Indian institutions and their founders
General Awareness videos:
World institutions and their founders
India's first
Recent controversies and scams 2014-15
Important persons and eminent personalities-1
Top schemes & programms launched by government-1
Important persons and eminent personalities-2
Top schemes & programms launched by government-2
Important persons and eminent personalities-3
Indian Missiles
Extra Miles Magazine:
Extra Miles-V-1
Extra Miles-V-2
Extra Miles-V-3
Practice Test:
Extra Miles Current Affairs 2015-Test-1

...and many more lectures are being added every week, month