Verb Notes-1 [Level-4]

Verb Notes-1 [Level-4]


Uses of simple present tense:

Used for Routine:

  1. I go to school every day.


  1. We visit the church every Sunday.


  1. People fly kites on Uttarayan every year.


Words like every day, every week, every year, etc. tell us that the action is a routine one.


Used with verbs of sense organs:

  1. We see with our eyes.


  1. I feel with my skin.


  1. She hears with her ears.


Special uses of present tense:

Simple Present Tense used for future actions as in timetables.


  1. The school reopens in June.


  1. The train leaves at 6 p.m.


  1. The plane arrives in the evening.


Present continuous tense used for future actions:


  1. We are going for a movie tonight.


  1. He is leaving for Mumbai next week.


  1. My friend is giving a party tomorrow.


Continuous tenses:

Present continuous tense: is/am/are + verb (ing)


  1. The doctor is examining a patient.


  1. I am watching a television show.


  1. The girls are reading in the library.


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