Basics of Biology Worksheet-3

Basics of Biology Worksheet-3


  1. What is the function of the Cell Wall?

(a) It provides floating capability to the cell.

(b) It keeps toxic chemicals outside the cell.

(c) It provides a rigid structure to the cell.

(d) It provides green color to the cell.


  1. What is the function of the Nucleus?

(a) It is the control centre of a cell.

(b) It is the recycle factory of a cell.

(c) It helps cell breathe.

(d) It processes food inside the cell.


  1. Animals with backbone are classified as ______.

(a) Vertebrates                             (b) Invertebrates

(c) Vascular                                   (d) Nonvascular


  1. Human belong to the group called _____.

(a) Marsupials                              (b) Mammals

(c) Reptiles                                     (d) Rodents


  1. Mitochondria use food molecules and _____ to produce energy.

(a) carbon dioxide                        (b) oxygen

(c) chemicals                                 (d) sugars


  1. During the energy generation process, Mitochondria releases ____.

(a) carbon dioxide                        (b) oxygen

(c) nitrogen                                    (d) sugars


  1. What is special about unicellular organisms?

(a) They are made of multiple cells.

(b) They are made of unique cell.

(c) They are made of single cell.

(d) They are made of two cells.


  1. Which of the following is an example of unicellular organism?

(a) Fish              (b) Plant            (c) Ant                (d) Bacteria


  1. Which of the following is a harmful effect of bacteria?

(a) They can spoil electronics.   (b) They can rust iron.

(c) They can cause diseases.      (d) They can produce mineral.


  1. Which of the following is a domestic use of bacteria?

(a) Sugar           (b) Yeasts          (c) Salt               (d) Herbs


Answer Key:

(1)–(c); (2)–(a); (3)–(a); (4)–(b); (5)–(b); (6)–(a); (7)–(c); (8)–(d); (9)–(c); (10)–(b)