Basics of Biology Worksheet-1

Basics of Biology Worksheet-1


  1. Identify the part labeled "1".

(a) Chloroplast                             (b) Vacuole

(c) Nucleus                                    (d) Cytoplasm


  1. Identify the part labeled "2".

(a) Vacuole                                    (b) Mitochondrion   

(c) Chloroplast                              (d) Cell Wall


  1. Identify the part labeled "3".

(a) Ribosomes                               (b) Chlorophyll

(c) Vacuole                                    (d) Mitochondrion


  1. Identify the part labeled "4".

(a) Cell wall                                   (b) Cell membrane

(c) Cytoplasm                               (d) Cell container


  1. Identify the part labeled "5".

(a) Vacuole                                    (b) Nucleus                

(c) Mitochondrion                        (d) Reticulum


  1. What is the function of a Vacuole?

(a) It controls an organism's traits

(b) It is a control center of a cell.

(c) It provides a storage area for food, water and waste.

(d) It is a food producing factory of a cell.


  1. A group of cells that performs same function is called _________.

(a) Root              (b) Tissue          (c) Organ                    (d) Stem


  1. Which of the following is a nonvascular plant?

(a) Oak tree                                   (b) Potato plant

(c) Grape vine                               (d) Moss


  1. Plant cells and animal cells are ____________.

(a) same             (b) different      (c) alike              (d) green


  1. Which two parts do not exists in animal cell but exists in plant cell?

(a) Chloroplasts and cell walls

(b) Vacuoles and cell walls

(c) Cytoplasm and vacuoles

(d) Chromosomes and mitochondrion


Answer Key:

(1)–(b); (2)–(c); (3)–(d); (4)–(a); (5)–(b); (6)–(c); (7)–(b); (8)–(d); (9)–(a); (10)–(a)