Improvement of food resources Worksheet-2

Improvement of food resources Worksheet-2


Fill in blanks:

  1. Milk producing females maintained in cattle farms are known as ______ animals.


  1. Poultry breeds are improved for meat are known as____.


  1. Poultry breeds improved for _____ production is known as layers.


  1. Composite farming is an example of ____ fishery.


  1. Apis dorsata and Apis florae are varieties of Indian ____.


  1. Culturing of honey bees is known as _____.


  1. Nutrients required by plants in large quantities are called _____.


  1. Organic substances of animal or plant origin that is added to the soil to increase its fertility and structure are called _____.


  1. The practice of growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field is called _____ cropping.


  1. Unwanted plants in the cultivated field are called _____.


  1. Cattle used for farm labour is called _____animals.


  1. In poultry farming protein rich diet is given to _____.


  1. Bos bubalis is scientific name of a ____.


  1. Pomphret and mackerel are examples of ______ fish.


  1. Micro-nutrients or Food additives strengthen _____ system of the cattle.


  1. Red Sindhi and Sahiwal are _____ breeds of cows.


  1. Xanthium and Parthenium plants generally grow along paddy plants. Such plants are called ____.


  1. Oysters are cultivated for Pearls by _____ farming in marine water.


Answer Key:

  1. Milch or Dairy

  2. Broilers

  3. Eggs

  4. Inland

  5. Honey bee/Honeybee

  6. Apiculture/ bee-keeping

  7. Macronutrients/ macro-nutrients/ macro nutrients

  8. Manure

  9. Mixed

  10. Weeds

  11. Draught

  12. Broilers

  13. buffalo

  14. Marine

  15. Immune

  16. Indian/ local / indigenous

  17. Weeds

  18. capture