Life Processes Worksheet-43

Life Processes Worksheet-43


Name the following:

  1. The ducts that transports urine to the urinary bladder.

  2. The process by which water is reabsorbed into the secondary capillaries around Henle’s loop.

  3. The most abundant inorganic constituent of urine.

  4. The term used for expulsion of the urine from the bladder.

  5. Organ which produces urea.

  6. Functional unit of kidney.

  7. Organ which stores urine.

  8. Organ where Ultrafiltration occurs.

  9. Structure of the kidney where glomerulus is enclosed.

  10. Organ system that helps in removal of waste and osmoregulation both.

  11. Yellowing and falling of leaves in plants.

  12. Removal of excess of water in the form of water vapours from stomata.


Answer keys:

  1. ureters

  2. Selective reabsorption/osmosis

  3. Sodium Chloride

  4. Micturition

  5. Liver

  6. Nephron

  7. Urinary bladder

  8. Malphigian body

  9. Bowman’s capsule

  10. Excretory system

  11. withering/ wilting

  12. Transpiration