Life Processes Worksheet-32

Life Processes Worksheet-32


Name the following:

  1. Intake of food from surrounding.


  1. Conversion of complex substances to simpler ones with the help of digestive/ hydrolytic enzymes.


  1. Process of obtaining the food from other organisms.


  1. Transport of simplified form of food to different parts of the body/ cell.


  1. Extension of plasma membrane through which amoeba captures its food.


  1. Conversion of simplified absorbed form of food into usable or storage forms like proteins from amino acids at the target site.


  1. The system that helps in the process of its nutrition.


  1. Long tubular structure that extends from mouth to anus.


  1. Semi digested food mass formed in stomach.


  1. Process of removal of undigested food material from the cell/ body.



  1. Ingestion

  2. Digestion

  3. heterotrophic nutrition

  4. Absorption

  5. Pseudopodia

  6. Assimilation

  7. Digestive system

  8. Alimentary canal

  9. Chime

  10. Egestion