Birds Worksheet-6

Birds Worksheet-6


Multiple  choice questions:  (with more than one option)

  1. Mark the special body parts of a bird.

A. Wings            B. Beak               C. Claws             D. Nose

E. Ears               F. Tongue


  1. Tick the flesh-eating birds.

A. Eagle             B. Vulture          C. Hawk             D. Duck

E. Sparrow        F. Pigeon


  1. Tick the kinds of feathers of a bird.

A. Body feathers                           B. Down feathers

C. Flight feathers                          D. Up feathers

E. Light feathers


  1. Tick the scratching birds.

A. Hen                B. Peacock         C. Eagle             D. Vulture


  1. Mark the perching birds.

A. Parrot            B. Crow              C. Hen                D. Peacock


  1. Which of the following things do birds need to build nests?

A. Leaves           B. Twigs             C. Straws           D. Cotton

E. Stem              F. Buds


Fill in the blanks

  1. Birds can fly with their special body parts called as ______.

  2. Birds use their ______ and claws to catch food.

  3. Birds use their beak and _______ to build nest.

  4. Flesh-eating birds such as eagles and hawks are called birds of ________ because they feed on small birds and animals.

  5. Flesh-eating birds like eagles and vultures have very sharp claws, called _______.

  6. Perching birds use their feet to hold on to tree branches and sit on them. This is called ________.

  7. Scratching birds have sharp ______ to dig the ground.

  8. Water birds can walk through water. This is called_______ .

  9. A bird's home is called a _______.

  10. The _______ bird uses its beak like a needle to sew leaves together to build a nest.

  11. The _______ bird uses its beak to weave pieces of leaves, grass, or twigs together to build a beautiful nest.

  12. The _______ uses its beak to peck into tree trunks and make a hole for a nest.

  13. Birds fly with upstrokes and ______ of their wings.

  14. Birds  have  ______ types of feathers.

  15. Birds have two feet with _______ toes each.


Fill in the blanks : Answer:

  1. A, B, C

  2. A, B, C

  3. A, B, C

  4. A, B,

  5. A, B

  6. A, B, C, D

Fill in the blanks : Answer:

  1. Wing/wings

  2. Beaks/beak

  3. Claw/claws

  4. Prey

  5. Talons

  6. Perching

  7. Claws/claw

  8. Wading

  9. Nest

  10. Tailor

  11. Weaver

  12. Woodpecker

  13. Downstrokes

  14. 3/ three

  15. Four/4