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Go premium and print Math worksheets, Science worksheets, English worksheets for Class 9 CBSE students and also for Math olympiad, Science Olympiad and English Olympiad. Take unlimited online tests and get instant results. Also print crossword puzzles, mental math worksheets, word power, English grammar worksheets and much more for 9th class students.


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For class 1 to class 10; School syllabus, Olympiad and ASSET test preparations

1000s of free worksheets, practice test papers, mock test papers in Math, Science, English, Mental ability

1000s of quizzes, mock tests, practice tests in Math, Science, English and other subjects for school syllabus, Olympiad and ASSET exams

100s of hours of detailed explanatory video lectures

Math worksheet generator: Create unlimited Math worksheets; you  can take online tests and get instant results or you can print the worksheet. Useful for Math Olympiad exams

Crossword puzzles, General knowledge games, Jigsaw puzzles, Puns and so many Fun ‘n’ Learn activities

Vedic math videos :  Calculation tricks in Math and many time saving techniques

General knowledge videos : You can prepare for future competitions

English grammar videos : 100s of hours of videos to improve your english language skills

Current affairs videos: What is happening around you just keep yourself updated

eBooks and notes : Detailed notes for Math, English and Science for grade 1-10

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Online testing system : The system has a collection of 2.5 lac questions. Create unlimited tests, take the test and get instant results. You can choose level and type of questions.

Dynamic worksheet generator : Generate unlimited printable worksheets, practice paers and mock test papers in Math, Science, english, Mental ability for school exams preparations, Olympiad and Asset test preparations. Print them with answer sheet.

Question Paper Generator - Online & Printable

In this section students, parents and teachers can generate unlimited unique worksheets on Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, General Aptitude and other subjects. Solve these worksheets online and get instant results or take a print for later use.

Watch this video to see the working of question paper generator