Air Can Move Things-Worksheets-2

Multiple choice questions:

  1. What is moving air called?

A. Wind               B. Breeze             C. Storm


  1. What is fast and strong wind called?

A. Breeze             B. Air                    C. Storm


  1. Which of the following is used to detect the wind direction?

A. Weather cock           B. Speedometer           C. Speedometer


  1. Wind vane is also known as:

A. Weather peacock              B. Weather cock           C. Weather hen


  1. Windmill is used for which of the following?

A. To measure the speed

B. To know the wind direction

C. To generate electricity


Multiple choice questions (with more than one option):

  1. Which of the following need/s air to move?

A.  Clothes on the cloth line

B.  A yacht

C.  Bag

D.  Fan

E.  Leaves of a tree


  1. True or false:

a.       Air around us helps the kite to fly.

b.      Wind vane is also called a weather peacock.

c.       Fast and strong wind is a storm.

d.      Moving air is called storm.

e.       Storm can damage houses.

f.       Gentle wind is called air.

g.       Wind vane is usually fixed on the top of building.

h.      Barometer tells us the direction of wind.

i.        Storm can be harmful.

j.        Parachute can move in the absence of air.

k.       Storm can damage trees.


Answer Key:


  1. A
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A, B, E
  7. a. True

b. False

c. True

d. False

e. True

f. False

g. True

h. False

i. True

j. False

k. True