The Green Plants Worksheet-6

The Green Plants Worksheet-6


True or False:

  1. Most of the plants on Earth are non-green plants.

  2. Plants appear green due to the presence of a substance called chlorophyll.

  3. Chlorophyll is present in the leaves.

  4. Chlorophyll helps the plants to make their own food.

  5. Green plants utilize oxygen present in the air to make their own food.

  6. We can identify the plant by looking at its leaves.

  7. The flat part of the leaf is called leaf blade.

  8. Each leaf usually has one main vein.

  9. Veins  help in transportation of substances to and from the leaf.

  10. Veins transport substances like water, minerals, and prepared food to and from the leaf.


Answer Key:

  1. False

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True

  5. False

  6. True

  7. True

  8. True

  9. True

  10. True