Air around us Worksheet-8

Air around us Worksheet-8


Give one word for the following:

  1. A gas that is released when human beings and animals breathe out.
  2. The most common gas around us.
  3. A gas that consists of tiny particles of water. 
  4. The most abundant gas in air.
  5. A gas that human beings and animals need to live.
  6. The substance which keeps the skin of earthworms moist.
  7. The gas required by plants to make their own food.
  8. A violent, swirling wind shaped like a funnel.
  9. A heavy snowstorm.
  10. A long period of dry heat.
  11. A storm that forms over the ocean with high winds, rain, thunder, and lightning.
  12. A storm with lightning and thunder.
  13. A great flow of water that rises and spreads over land.
  14. A thick blanket of air surrounding the Earth's surface is called the atmosphere.
  15. The layer of the atmosphere that gives protection from the ultraviolet radiations of the sun.


Answer Key:

  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Water vapour
  4. Nitrogen
  5. Oxygen
  6. Mucous
  7. Carbon dioxide
  8. Hurricane
  9. Flood
  10. Blizzard
  11. Thunderstorm
  12. Drought
  13. Cyclone
  14. Atmosphere
  15. Ozone